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HardingRusty Harding was born on the road, figuratively speaking. His father was a surveyor who followed the gas and oil pipelines that webbed across the country in the early sixties, and the family rarely stayed in any one place for more than a few months at a time. By the time he was 13, Rusty lived in 12 states and attended 17 different schools. After his father retired in his native Texas, Rusty finally had a chance to settle down and actually live in “a real house.” He attended Texas A&M University and earned a degree in electrical engineering, then landed a job with E-Systems/Raytheon in Dallas, where he met and married a beautiful blue-eyed Louisiana girl named Debra. Writing has always been a passion for him, and his transient upbringing provided a wealth of information to draw on. He has published two novels, “The Instrument of Darkness” and “Murphy’s Law” (The Fiction Works), optioned two screenplays, and published three stage plays, including “There’s No Place Like Homer”, the very first original LTC production. His most recent script, “Weston Union”, debuted at Richardson Theatre Centre in October of 2015, and was a terrific success. By his own admission, Rusty “dabbles” in acting, and his stage roles have included “Witness for the Prosecution”, “There’s No Place Like Homer”, “Bad Seed”, “The Unexpected Guest”, “Ten Little Indians”, and “Weston Union” (Richardson Theatre Centre). It was through these productions he met the lovely and talented Leigh Moore, and thus was born the Lunatic Theatre Company.  Rusty is proud to call himself a Lunatic, a moniker which even his wife admits suits him perfectly… Contact Rusty at rusty@lunatictheatre.com.

meLeigh Wyatt Moore grew up in Dallas and attended Richland College and then transferred to The University of Texas where she received her Bachelors in Theatre Production with a concentration in Acting. She has worked retail, waited tables, bartended, managed restaurants and retail stores and worked for a wine distributor all before finally getting married and starting a family. Her husband Mark and three kids, Madison, Wyatt and Elizabeth all have their toes dipped into the theatre in some way or another.

She has performed steadily the past few years with Allen’s Community Theatre, The Core Theatre, Firehouse Theatre and Richardson Theatre Centre. Leigh is the acting artistic director of Lunatic Theatre.  Contact Leigh at leigh@lunatictheatre.com.


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